'Someone I Know' is the latest project to be curated by Stuart Pilkington.  It brings together some of the best known
emerged and emerging photographers from across the globe. The brief for the photographers was to take a portrait of someone they know, no matter how loosely. And the results
were published on the site on 2nd April 2013. The project is conscious of the fact that just like plumbers not having finished bathrooms and dentists having bad teeth,
photographers don't often apply their trade to people closer to home. It's a chance for the people taking part to see
if they can express their relationship with someone through means of a photograph. Please take time to look through the site. Each photographer has a link to their website, e-mail and Twitter account
where appropriate. You are encouraged to leave feedback if you enjoy their work. There is also a Twitter page here where you are able to follow updates on the project. And there is a Facebook page here which you can like or join for further updates. For a full list of participating photographers, click here. Stuart Pilkington has curated a number of projects since 2008 which are listed below: The Alphabet Project 12 Faces The 50 States Project What Is England? The Chain Book Film Painting The Swap If you would like to be considered for future projects please e-mail Stuart at stuart@someoneiknow.net.